RPM has quickly risen in the ranks to one of Hollywood's top agencies since our Franchise began in 2008. While RPM has grown and changed immensely in the past few years, it was founded with the desire to change many of the norms that were blindly accepted within the industry. This commitment to our talent and our industry relationships has always remained our priority.

At RPM, we promise to:

•Always know your name.

•Always treat you like the important person you are.

•Talk about your progress and career at any time.

•Submit every client for work every day.

Welcome to RPM


RPM Talent Group / The Agency

2600 W. Olive Ave. 5th Floor

Burbank CA 91505

(818) 333-5150 phone

Our Departments and Artist Representatives include:

Adult Theatrical:

Lisa Smith :lisa@rpmtalent.com

Chris Lee :chris@rpmtalent.com

Hayley Littman:hayley@rpmtalent.com

Tiffany Atwood:tiffany@rpmtalent.com

Victor Coral: victor@rpmtalent.com

Renee Watroba: fitness@rpmtalent.com

Adult Commercial:

Victor Coral: victor@rpmtalent.com

Carrie Macy: carrie@rpmtalent.com

Hayley Littman: hayley@rpmtalent.com

Kidz Division:

Debby De Oliveriera: debby@rpmtalent.com

Carrie Macy: carrie@rpmtalent.com


Carrie Macy: carrie@rpmtalent.com

assistant: Petrina Herman: petrina@rpmtalent.com

assistant: Lydia Samuels: lydia@rpmtalent.com


Renee Watroba: fitness@rpmtalent.com


Leah Wolfe: leahwolfe@rpmtalent.com

Celebrity Division:

Tiffany Atwood:tiffany@rpmtalent.com

Hayley Littman:halley@rpmtalent.com

New York/Theatre Liason:

Diane Strand: dianeskids@rpmtalent.com

Las Vegas/Special Apperances:

Ellen James:ellenjames@rpmtalent.com

Press Related Issues:


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RPM Talent Group/The Agency has a dedicated hardworking staff who is committed to their clients and the art of acting because many of them  began as actors or have children who are in the business. This is an amazing plus for our clients as we understand what its like to be on the other side of the table and in your shoes.

RPM expects to work as hard for you, as you work for yourself. We believe in our talent, and we understand that in order to be successful, you must surround yourself with positive, dedicated people. That is why we are very selective with who we represent and choose to develop in our children's division.

RPM is a licensed and bonded, SAG/AFTRA/WGA Franchised agency that has been credited with "shattering the myth that successful agents must be rude, unavailable, and icy.  RPM's owner meets with potential clients personally, which is one of the many reasons RPM has earned such a strong reputation among actors and casting directors alike."  BSW

With our continued growth in 2010 and merger with THE AGENCY, RPM Talent became RPM Talent Group/The Agency and carried on its legendary literary division from across the ocean under the direction of Leah Wolfe.

It also opened its Burbank, New York, and Las Vegas offices, and operates in association with its sister agencies in Dallas and Louisiana.

Submission Process:

If you are interested in seeking representation for yourself or your child, please mail a HARDCOPY submission only to our address at: RPM Talent Group 2600 W. Olive Ave. 5th Floor Burbank CA 91505 attn: New Talent

This should consist of a headshot and resume and a demo reel if applicable. If you do not have a headshot yet, snapshots are okay for submission process only. If we are interested in working together, we will advise you on what types of photos are needed for your specific field.

Agent Internship Program:

RPM hires qualified applicants for its Agent Intern Program on an ongoing basis. Please read the following information before contacting us.

RPM’s Agent Intern Program is for qualified persons seeking to enter one of the most exciting and demanding areas of the entertainment industry. Trainees are exposed to a wide spectrum of talent agency business practices and are given hands-on training necessary to become successful agents in all areas of entertainment. RPM is know for its team-oriented work environment where trainees may excel through hard work and determination. In turn, they are rewarded with an unparalleled opportunity to succeed.

Those who complete the program, may, at the sole discretion of the agency, be promoted to agent status where they will continue to be guided by senior management to help represent RPM’s expanding client list, which includes many of Hollywood’s steadily working actors, and print models, and celebrities.

All trainees begin their intern as a part/full time assistant within each of our 5 divisions, working exclusively to support agents in conducting the business of the agency. Trainees perform basic administrative tasks and are exposed to client service procedures. Trainees may be re-assigned to assist different agents on a regular basis.

Agent Intern applicants must have completed high school and it is preferable that they have a few years of college on their resumes to be considered. Trainees having been in a similar busy office workspace previously have a much better chance to excel through the intern program.

It is VERY important that you know before interviewing with us, that this Internship is a NON-PAID position. While we often hire from within our intern pool, and we do offer college credit for anyone in a program that qualifies, our program is designed for learning purposes only.  For more information or to apply for an Agent Internship at RPM, please email cover letter and resume here.